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“True Therapy Is A Gift Out Of This World”

About The Practitioner


Kara Davis Licensed Massage Therapist

American Massage and Bodywork Institute 

I am a natural caregiver.  From my earlier career as a Nursing Assistant, to my children, to my love for massage therapy, and my ambitions to become a chiropractor,  I am happiest when I am caring for others.  It is exciting to be able to study and learn how the body works and what techniques can be used to alleviate suffering.  Massage therapy is an extension of my prior certification as a Nursing Assistant.  I am trained and certified, ready to work with you to assess your massage therapy needs.  I want to know what you want.  I will use all of my resources and collaborate with you to address your message therapy needs.  I can help you understand how your body works and what it needs to support you best.  Caregivers, athletes, parents, first responders, and many other people operating under unrelenting, stressful conditions, often forget to take care of themselves.  Our jobs, families, and additional, conflicting responsibilities have us wound so tightly, we carry that stress around in our bodies.  I am equipped to help you on your way to self-healing and stress reduction.  True therapy is a gift.  You do so much for others, let this be the one thing that you do for yourself!


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