Truly Gifted Therapy
“True Therapy Is A Gift Out Of This World”


Hello and Welcome,

Are you in chronic pain?  Do you experience constant stiffness? Do you have a desire to work out the tightness and kinks?  Is tension, anxiety and stress overwhelming? Enough is enough!  Stop just getting by.  Start giving your body the recovery it needs! At Truly Gifted Therapy LLC, you are guaranteed more than just a rubdown. A personalized therapeutic massage session is developed and customized for each client. Truly Gifted Therapy is focused on problematic muscle areas.  True therapy is a gift.  You deserve to feel better.  Truly Gifted Therapy helps to facilitate your body’s natural state of healing and your primary goal for relaxation!  Go to the menu above and embark on your journey to healing and peace of mind today. 
Truly Gifted Therapy is a privately owned and operated wellness parlor. Partnered with and located within Salons by JC, a one stop shop community of small businesses. When walking through the halls known as Suite 100, you will find many other doors. The office and wellness parlor of Truly Gifted Therapy will be in Room 17. If the door is open come right in. If the door is closed, there is a session still in progress.  If so, please have a seat in the hallway on one of our colorful ottomans. Pick up a clipboard, that can be found on the door and proceed to fill out the body chart that will assist therapist with your treatment. Once greeted, the therapist will relieve you of your clipboard and begin to get you checked in. In the interim, please feel free to help yourself to any beverages and have a seat on the blue ottoman. A coat rack is above the seating area and a place for your personal items is provided as well. After validation, therapist will give further instructions.

What to expect when getting on the table
Ready to get on the table? The therapist will introduce the client to the table for the session and then leave.  Upon exiting, the door will automatically lock for your privacy. Before getting on the table, you must remove all articles of clothing except for your lower body undergarments. Clothing can be placed on top of the ottoman or light clothing can be hung on the coat rack. Wearing jewelry is discouraged; however, if you are wearing any, remove it if possible.  This will give the therapist full access to your body without interference. Pulling the top blanket and sheet back together, lay on the table face down or face up, as the therapist instructed prior to leaving the room. Drape yourself with the top sheet and blanket and take a moment to deeply exhale and begin to decompress.  The therapist will be in shortly to start your session. 


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